Why LB Miller Associates

At LB Miller Associates, a sales and marketing services company, our number-one priority is the expansion of our clients’ businesses through increased sales and a bigger bottom line. We provide a personal, tailored, one-of-a-kind experience for each of our clients, ensuring that their process fits their needs perfectly, moves them in the direction of their accomplishments, and ensures a strong foundation for additional growth. We do not use scripts or a ‘cookie cutter’ model. Your company receives the direct attention and involvement necessary to ensure our results.

It is our job to provide the very best to your sales team and support them in creating and developing ongoing growth through exceptional team and sales strategies. Everyone wants employees that are happy, committed, and like what they do; we ensure the consistency and provide the attention necessary to keep employees operating “in the know”, clear about the goals, and “what’s in it for them”.


  • Demonstrate clear picture for client of what to expect
  • Provide full-time lead generation to keep your business in the flow of success
  • Support your sales people in generating pre-qualified leads and prospects
  • Maintain a constant sales funnel and pipeline to new sales avenues
  • Provide business support and coaching to support your expansion
  • Develop and manage databases of potential clients for your sales team
  • Continue to nurture prospect relationships until you convert them to a client
  • Work with you sales and marketing team, owner and manager to ensure alignment
  • Easily get through gatekeepers to the decision maker, making “yes” possible

Our Ideal Client

Our clients are service-oriented companies that offer their products and services as solutions for their customers. Their commitment to their clients’ satisfaction and their corporate success is what fuels their passion and drives them forward. The desire to reach more people and expand their own visions is what keeps our customers coming back to us.

Business owners, sales managers, and professionals utilize our services to support their own teams in creating outstanding results through more targeted recruiting, pre-screened prospects, and pre-qualified sales, L B Miller Associates reduces the time spent building relationships, ensures the interest of the referral, and turns over a knowledgeable customer who is ready to purchase. We serve a wide variety of industries including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Event / Trade Shows
  • Industrial
  • Distribution
  • Material Handling
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare / Chiropractic
  • Health and Wellness
  • Enterprise Systems
  • Software-Developers
  • Banking
  • Interior Design
  • Non-profit
  • Arts and Service Industries

Our ideal clients have products or services that are making a difference for consumers in the marketplace. We take their vision to the market, connect with companies and individuals that would benefit from the products and services you provide, and bring you the leads and referrals that keep your business thriving, growing, and prosperous.

We work primarily with small businesses, sole proprietors, and privately owned companies. Our clients range anywhere from one man shows to small and medium size companies with 10 to over 100 employees; or dealerships/branches of large corporations around the continental U.S. Our clients are driven, ambitious, and have a clear vision of the value and importance of lead generation, pre-qualification of leads, and do whatever it takes to keep their internal sales teams active with our consistent building and filling of the pipeline-funnel to new business; our clients stay with us on an ongoing and continuous basis.

If you feel that L B Miller Associates could be the right fit for your team, call to schedule a consultation now.