business development company

Lisa Miller, Owner

LB Miller Associates evolved out of a discussion with a friend who said, “just do what you love, share it with others, and ask for referrals everywhere you go”…and after tiring of Corporate America, these words were the best I’d ever heard! I read, “What Color is Your Parachute” to help me to focus on what I did best – marketing (telling the features and benefits of a product).

As a creative, entrepreneurial, out of the box-type thinker, I have always been slow to pass judgment and equally eager to learn. I have always met ‘strangers’ and found something to admire or be inspired by. My motivation has always been to learn more about others so that I can support their success when the moment is right, whether it is connecting business associates to clients, or suggesting a product or service that will move a business forward.

Sales Managers would ask me to train their staff and encourage their sales people to spend time with me to learn what to do. As soon as I realized that my skills were in great demand, I began creating a vision for the business that meets the growing demand for business development, systematic development of relationships, and provides a steady stream of referrals of prospective business partners and customers. LB Miller Associates is therefore, a natural evolution of skills, passion, love of sales, and a commitment to success. We created our own unique niche, which serves our clients in a proficient and effective manner, from compiling lists, to making cold calls, building rapport, and generating solid leads from these contacts.

The business started to grow faster and new staff was added to meet the demand; like-minded, caring, individuals with exceptional interpersonal and sales skills, who loved happy customers as much as I do.

The best part about what WE do together is that WE ALL LOVE IT! We all are excited and inspired by the impact we make on our business and that of our clients. Our unique style of cold calling is guaranteed to open doors for your business when you   DELEGATE THE PARTS YOU HATE to LB Miller Associates.

Working with businesses that are poised for growth, ensuring a steady stream of prospects, developing their relationships over time until they are primed for the sale, and delivering the desired outcome, has been the biggest inspiration for me, and my team. Our strengths lie in our ability to:

  • Listen to clients’ needs and share their vision
  • Develop relationships and connections that provide value
  • Ensuring new business funnel stays full and grows
  • Market the features and benefits of a product tailored to the clients’ needs
  • Create a strategic plan for connecting with decision makers