Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller, Founder

Lisa Miller was born visionary and entrepreneurial. She opened her first company, a successful dance studio, immediately following high school graduation, which brought health and activity to countless lives and families in the community she served. After a successful run of 10-years, Lisa obtained extensive training in management, marketing, and sales, developing a reputation for excellence and an impressive client base.

Her company provided a diverse variety of services and she nurtured relationships with clients from the banking/finance, healthcare, computer technology, software manufacturing and distribution, and telephony-video conferencing companies. Her access to information and the services of her clients supported her expansion to include lead generation, linking her clients to each other in an effort to provide solutions, as well as her own services.

In 2001, Zig Zag Marketing was born, later evolving into LB Miller Associates. Working with clients to pre-qualify leads, saving valuable time and money, while streamlining their work and maximizing on the value they offered their own clients, it was clear that Lisa’s ‘real expertise’ was in fact, in lead generation.
Lisa’s commitment to providing ongoing, cost-effective, diligent service with her own unique style of excellence, exceptional interpersonal skills, and passion, have allowed LB Miller Associates to grow, take on new businesses and projects, while maintaining many of her original clients for more than 10-years. She says that the employee and client retention is “because people can really feel the difference when they are working with us”.

LB Miller Associates is results-driven, and offers a unique, proven method of growing continuous business for its clients. A committed team of creative and analytical staff make up the panel of resources available to Lisa and her clients, supporting their business growth with services that meet the demands of their rapidly expanding client bases, as well.
Lisa brings a strong work ethic, an authentic brand of caring, strong creative marketing ideas, communication-presentation skills, the ability to develop relationships and rapport, the ability to teach and train, with a bold and dedicated attitude. Lisa and her team are highly valued, tenacious, persistent, and sincere; providing the best quality work, with the deserved customer service that her clients deserve, and demand.