Do you love cold calling and developing relationships as much as we do?

Are you developing a pipeline of new business through professional,
consistent, and timely out reach to customers, prospects, and markets?

Do you update and revitalize your database on a regular basis?

Do you have the resources and time for training and support of your sales team?

At LB Miller Associates we love building relationships with your ideal client. We know that most companies struggle to make the time to network and attend industry meetings that put you in touch with the people you want to do business with. When you do meet that prospect, how many times have you picked up a card and not followed up?

We specialize in initial and interval follow-up, lead generation, relationship building, and management of your prospect funnel, providing the regular interval contacts and repeated ‘touches’ needed to turn your leads into customers. We work with prospects located anywhere within the continental United States.

Most businesses rely on a staff of sales people to generate and develop leads and build relationships over the long haul. We take your leads and develop them into a warm market, evaluate the ‘degree of warmth’, and turn them back over to your sales team when they are ready to learn more or buy.

Our business strategy allows you to do what you do best; serve your customers. Having us on your team provides you with the hands-on approach needed for:

  • Ongoing building of lasting relationships
  • Deliberate requests for referrals and qualified leads from your warm market
  • Ensuring accurate, consistent, and steady stream of ideal clients/customers
  • Supporting your sales team in focusing on the consumer and closing more sales
  • Saving you time and money while using your sales team more effectively
  • Keeping your pipeline or prospect funnel full all the time
  • Reducing overall frustration with the time it takes for sales staff to develop balance between prospecting and selling